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Welcome to Capacity.org, a resource portal for the practice of capacity development and the home of Capacity.org journal, published two to three times a year. Building on the topics covered in the journal, this website aims to facilitate access to a broad range of related online resources that practitioners can draw on for their own work. These include the latest research findings, analytical frameworks, policy debates, practical experiences and toolkits. Through links to ongoing discussions and communities of practice, we enable practitioners to find and link up with diverse organizations, professional networks and communities of practice for further support and knowledge exchanges.

Capacity.org collaborates with the Learning Network on Capacity Development (LenCD) and the Capacity Development Network (Capacity.net) to make knowledge resources on capacity development more accessible to policymakers, researchers, development practitioners and funding organizations.

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Developing capacities for sustainable change: Join e-discussion

The CGIAR Capacity Development (CapDev) Community of Practice and Capacity.org are convening a series of e-discussions aimed at developing a peer-sharing platform for professionals involved with developing capacities across agricultural innovation systems and to highlight new learning(s) about effective ways to transform research outputs into development outcomes.

Each discussion will take place over a three-week period. The first topic in the series is “ Developing capacities for sustainable change: Definitions, key terms and concepts.”

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